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Frequently Asked Questions

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About Ásbrú Connection Manager

What is Ásbrú Connection Manager ?

Ásbrú Connection Manager is a user interface that helps organizing remote terminal sessions and automating repetitive tasks.

Why did you call that project "Ásbrú" ?

In Norse mythology, Ásbrú refers to a burning rainbow bridge that connects Midgard (Earth) and Asgard, the realm of the gods.

Is this a fork of PAC (Perl Auto Connector) Manager ?


As David Torrejon Vaquerizas, the author of PAC Manager, could not find time, for some reasons that we respect, to continue the work on his project and was not open for external contributions (see this), a fork was needed to ensure the future and give the opportunity to the community to take over.

Upgrade from PAC Manager

How can I upgrade from PAC Manager to Ásbrú-CM ?

PAC Manager and Ásbrú-CM share the same configuration files and Ásbrú-CM should correctly handle the legacy PAC Manager files. If you plan to revert to PAC Manager later, or even "just in case", it is highly advisable to backup your configuration files before doing any test with Ásbrú-CM.

By default, those configuration files are located in ~/.config/pac.

Colors are different in Ásbrú-CM terminals vs PAC Manager terminals

See #13 and #94.


What operating systems are supported ?

Ásbrú Connection Manager should work fine on any GNU/Linux based system that supports gtk2-perl.

As of today, the core Ásbrú Connection Manager is releasing packages and necessary dependencies for the following systems:

Please contact us if you can help building package for other distributions.

Why don't you support the legacy version XYZ of my favorite distribution ?

The Ásbrú Connection Manager project team only supports the distributions that are actively maintained. Support for any version reaching its end of life will be dropped.

For your information, here are links to the EOL policies and dates of the major distributions:

What IDE (including editor and debugger) do you use to develop Ásbrú Connection Manager ?

Eclipse with EPIC.

Let us know if you need help to get started with this environment.

How can I contribute to the project ?

New features / bug fixes

The main language is Perl so if you have some knowledge in that language or if you want to learn by doing, look into the open issues marked as "Help Wanted" and submit a pull request.

Code quality

Please also note that code quality is important; we create a coding standard that describes how we expect to code to be. Our code is not yet fully compliant with this standard so if you just want to review the code and contribute by suggesting minor quality improvements, we will be happy to merge your pull requests as well.

Triaging issues

Reported issues are very important and need care; we need to understand them correctly, confirm the bug (if any), confirm the interest of an enhancement, be sure it does not go stale. If you are not a developer, please consider helping in that area and participate actively to the issue triage work.

See our issue triage policies for more information.


As of today, there is no "official" documentation about Ásbrú Connection Manager. If you are fluent in English, love to teach to others and/or want to discover all the hidden features of the software, you may want to starting writing documentation !

Any contribution or improvement on the existing documentation would also be very much appreciated.


If you know (or want to learn) how to package Ásbrú Connection Manager for a particular platform, let us know so we can add this platform in our list of supported environments.


Let the world know this project exists ! There are many ways but here are a few simple ideas:


You can support the project financially on Liberapay ( Even a symbolic contribution will be greatly appreciated.


When will you release the next stable version of Ásbrú Connection Manager ?

Unless a blocking issue would be found, our plan is to release a stable version of Ásbrú Connection Manager (on average) every 4 months.

Please make sure new features are developed by contributing to the project :) And don't hesitate to let us know which feature you believe should be included in our next (milestone)[].

Perl is not very popular, why don't you migrate to ?

Our main objective is to build a new community project based on PAC Manager that would guarantee that David's work is not lost and gets properly supported.

The first step to meet that objective is to take the software "as is" and have a proper packaging workflow.

We also strongly believe that a technology migration will be required to ensure some future to Ásbrú but this will just be a positive consequence of a successful community.

If you have knowledge and time to work on a new version that would be based on your favorite technology, please join us so we can start this together.

When will you release a version for Windows and Mac ?

This is not foreseen today.

The expected amount of work is probably important since we are relying on many system commands like ssh, nc, vncviewer, xfreerdp, etc. So we'll need to find cross-platform replacement for all of them.

If you have any knowledge on how to package Perl and Gtk3 project on those platforms and wanted to contributed, let us know !