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Angouri is a non-commercial organization whose goal is to solve complicated problems and develop modern science. Join our discord

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We're a group of FOSS enhusiasts, working on some projects. We genuinely think that OSS is our real bright future. There is no requirement to start contributing to our projects. Moreover, by contributing to them, you contribute to humanity.

Main languages used: C#, C++, F#. NuGet and GitHub of Angouri.


AngouriMath GitHub Repo stars

AngouriMath is a symbolic algebra library for working with math expressions. It is the only actively-maintained and developed symbolic algebra library for .NET. Allows to perform math operations (calculus, linear algebra, boolean logic, set operations), parse expressions and build their LaTeX representation, and more. Suited for C# and F#.

Read more on its website.

GenericTensor GitHub Repo stars

GenericTensor is a library for working with generic multi-dimensional arrays and perform some matrix operations on them. The type of elements of those arrays is arbitrary, all the operations rely on a special "provider" of operations (for example, to perform addition of two arrays, there should be a method which adds T and T defined).

It is also well-optimized as much as possible given that it still supports any type.

Honk# GitHub Repo stars

Honk# is a general purpose library for C# aimed to make declarative programming in C# eaiser. It provides a number of fluent method extensions, for example, method Pipe, lazy properties, anonymous union type. Might fit well projects which cannot be afforded to be rewritten in more declarative languages, but at the same time would benefit from such features.


  1. MxEngine Public

    C++ open source 3D game engine

    C++ 836 48

  2. AngouriMath Public

    New open-source cross-platform symbolic algebra library for C# and F#. Can be used for both production and research purposes.

    C# 673 61

  3. The only library allowing to create Tensors (matrices extension) with custom types

    C# 45 5

  4. Render graph-based Vulkan API abstraction library

    C++ 62 2

  5. A collection of benchmarks for analyzing dotnet code strategies.

    C# 49 6

  6. HonkSharp Public

    Some wrappers and API and methods for fast and convenient declarative coding in C#

    HTML 42 3


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