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Go workspace manager

gows is a shell extension for managing Go workspaces. gows allows switching to different workspaces managed independently. It will support multiple workspaces.


Clone gows:

git clone https://github.com/ascarter/gows.git ~/.gows

Add the following to shell init script (.zshenv or .bashrc):

# Go
if [ -d /usr/local/go ]; then
    export GOROOT=/usr/local/go

if [ -d ~/.gows ]; then
    source ~/.gows/gows

Launch a new shell session and create a new project workspace

gows init ~/Projects/mygows


gows requires Go to be installed and properly configured.

Additionally, gows init can install default list of packages. To configure the list of packages, a list of package paths can appear in the following locations:


This is a convenience to ensure that a set of packages can be made available whenever creating a new workspace.


gows command [arguments]

The commands are:
    add        add path to front of workspace GOPATH (default current)
    cd         switch to directory of package path (default $GOPATH/src)
    edit       open package path in VISUAL editor (default $GOPATH/src)
    init       initialize workspace (default working directory)
    install    install default Go packages
    list       list all workspace paths
    reset      reset to empty workspace
    run        detects go path and runs command in that environment
    switch     switch workspace to path (default to working directory)
    which      show current Go workspace

gows manages the workspace by setting the GOPATH environment variable
When setting or adding a workspace, gows will search up the path
to find the parent with the required GOPATH entries of bin, pkg, and src
Workspaces are added to the front of an existing GOPATH.

gows init will install all packages listed in the following: