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Version 0.2.2, 15.02.08, rev 31
- added blaine cook's suggestion: worklings can now (also) be invoked like this: YourWorkling.asynch_your_method(options)
- added similar for remote store, which can now be called like this: Workling::Return::Store.set(:key, "value")
Version 0.2.1, 14.02.08 rev. 24
- added WorklingError classes.
- all runners now suppresses workling exceptions. This brings the local behaviour in line with the remote runners.
Version 0.2, 13.02.08 rev. 21
- progress bars or returning results now possible with return stores. use these to communicate back from your workling.
- memory store for testing and starling store added.
- now generates uids for workling jobs. these are returned by the runner.
- extracted Workling::Starling::Client
- clearer file structure for workling
Version 0.1, 06.02.08
- initial release
- see for details.