Reporting DSL for Ruby
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Ruby Reportable - reporting in ruby


Ruby Reportable is a DSL for writing reports using pure ruby. It allows you to use existing code (ie your Rails application) to grab data and the manipulate it.

If you have loaded it then Ruby Reportable can report on it.


See examples/ directory


Using Ruby Reportable is as easy as include RubyReportable in a new class. The include lets Ruby Reportable know this class is a new report and also brings in the DSL.


Your source is the start of your data. All available configuration is shown below.

source do
  # define how your outputs will see each element of the source data
  as :element  # this is the default

  # Whatever you want your starting data to be
  logic do


Install as a gem or use as part of your Gemfile

$ [sudo] gem install ruby_reportable


Version 0.2.X

There is a change in what is returned when a report is validated ( In 0.1.X true/false is returned but in 0.2.X a hash is returned containing whether the report is valid (status) and an array of errors if any (errors).

{:status => true/false, :errors => array }