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@asche910 asche910 released this Oct 19, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release


8f9cba2 update goreleaser id
b48388e ready to release new version
c9e6951 add readme badages
a26c5c4 update readme for link error
0021bf3 delete pac file and update README
165a971 README
cf587df finish config reading of server side
eff2c4f complete reading config of client side
0d54de2 mv logs.go to fly package
6911471 add pac auto config and auto download functions
f2ba858 fix error of too short request, which lead to crash of server side
9b2fa40 update config file
0eceb86 add pac support and ready to add config file
c4c74af fix error of server disconnect
ca7cf0e Merge branch 'dev'
303c7af add some basic encrypt methods and support password
ee7ff74 rename package log to logs avoid conffict with bulitin package log
ccd94f5 refactor and add aes-cfb support
31861f9 refactoring... it may cost me a little time!
0dd01ba refactoring
44d8eea update gitignore
720d61a update readme for \n
8fc17f8 update readme

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Oct 13, 2019


remove log cache
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