ID3 parsing library for go
Latest commit b139b6a May 22, 2012 @ascherkus Updating go-id3 for Go 1 release.
Notable changes:
  - Makefile removed in favour of go command
  - expand() function is more aptly named ISO8859_1ToUTF8() and uses []rune instead of []int
  - Test added for ISO8859_1ToUTF8()
  - Refactored id3_test.go a little bit
  - tagreader example application is now under id3/tagreader package

ID3 Parsing For Go

Andrew Scherkus May 21, 2012


Simple ID3 parsing library for go based on the specs at

It doesn't handle everything but at least gets the imporant bits like artist, album, track, etc...


Pass in a suitable io.Reader and away you go!

fd, _ := os.Open("foo.mp3")
defer fd.Close()
file := id3.Read(fd)
if file != nil {


An example tag reading program can be found under id3/tagreader.

go install id3/tagreader
$GOPATH/bin/tagreader path/to/file.mp3 [...]