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LSM tools

These are the tools used for maintaining the Linux Software Map.

base directory

.cropmail-rules cropmail rules for processing incoming messages. Responds to requests for entry template, checks syntax of incoming entries, sends responses, and writes valid entries to update files for later merging.

.procmailrc This was previously used for handling incoming mail. Doesn't work well with many MIME messages.


update zsh shell script that updates contents of the FTP site.

lsmconv sed script to convert entries from LSM3 to LSM4 format.


Current version of the tools.

lsm.rb is the library used for parsing LSM entries and files. It can also be run as a script to check the syntax of an LSM file.

apply_updates.rb merges updates from one or more files to the old LSM file to produce the updated version. If run with too few arguments it will output the necessary syntax.


Old, C-based tools for working with and maintaing the LSM. Won't currently compile.

Most of the code is in the liw modules of publib, both of which are included in a tar file.