.NET Web API App provides RESTful access to Last.fm data
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#ListeningTo Build status

ListeningTo is a .NET Web API app that provides RESTful access to Last.fm user information including:

  • Recently Played Tracks
  • Top Artists
  • Artist Information
  • Album Information

It provides two benefits over using the last.fm REST API directly

  • It hides the Last.fm API key in a configuration file server side so it is not visible in the browser
  • It caches last.fm information for one minute. Ensuring that there is not more than one Last.fm API call per minute violating their terms of service.

##Dates The Recent Tracks service returns a date string for the last played date. This currently returns a date string in eastern time so that I did not have to do the conversion on the client. I plan on adding the ability to specify the time zone to convert the time to in the config.

##Coming Soon

  • The ability to pass the last.fm user as a parameter to REST service call (currently it pulls the last.fm user from the app config).
  • Specify the timezone used to convert the UTC last played date into a local date string in the app config.


  • Rhino Mocks 3.6.1
  • NUnit 2.6.4
  • Json.NET 6.0.6
  • HTML Agility Pack 1.4.9
  • LastfmClient (my last.fm REST client also on github)


Anthony Sciamanna
Email: asciamanna@gmail.com
Web: http://www.anthonysciamanna.com
Twitter: @asciamanna