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Ascii Stylesheets

Show characters on the screen that look just like in the 80s. You can make use of HTML tags to show different things on the screen inside the HTML5 canvas. Also, you can use the cursor keys as well as the mouse to navigate over the elements.

Demos for this can get seen here: - This shows a configuration tool with windows. Please use the cursor keys, ENTER and Escape to navigate over the interface. - This shows 4 Examples, whereby HTML tags are used to create the interface. Please click on the "Example" buttons to navigate to different screens.


We have created a documentation for asciiss. Also, for bbsconfig a documentation exists.

Quick installation guide, with nodejs

To install the application, install nodejs from, then call "npm install" from the command line to install all dependencies, and call the index file from the web browser.

Quick installation guide, without nodejs

To install the application, copy all files from to the subdirectory "asciirocks" inside "node_modules":

alt tag

The following directories should be in asciirocks: assets, css, fileuploader, images, music, scripts as well as the following .php files: create_default.php, export.php, subs.php, upload.php and the following .html file: index.html.

When you call the application, you will get to see a HTML5 canvas with Ascii characters on the screen, which were positioned and formatted using stylesheet commands.


MIT license