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grunt-backbonebuilder Build Status

Build your custom backbone experience with grunt.

Note: This plugin is inspired by Greg Frankos Backbone custom builder & related to Backbones issue #1598

Getting Started

Install this grunt plugin next to your project's [grunt.js gruntfile][getting_started] with: npm install grunt-backbonebuilder

Then add this line to your project's grunt.js gruntfile:



Inside your grunt.js file, add a section named backbone. This section specifies the options for the backbone custom build you want to create.


include array

This is used to determine which backbone functionality you want to include in your custom build

Available options: ['Model', 'Collection', 'View', 'Events', 'Router']

dest string

The outputfile destination & filename.

The pathname is set relative to your Gruntfile

src string (optional)

This option allows you to chose a different Backbone source file, if it´s not set, the builder will automatically take the latest version available from npm (currently 0.9.2).

The pathname is set relative to your Gruntfile

Config Example

    backbone: {
      include: ['Model', 'Collection', 'View', 'Events'],
      dest: 'build/backbone.custom.js',
      src: 'vendor/mySpecialBackboneVersion.js'


How do you ensure that a custom build works as expected?

When a new version of this plugin is build, I run a couple of custom builds (that will be automazically created for the test run) against Backones testsuite. The build only passes, if all Backbone unit tests pass.

Why doesn't Backbone allow you to do custom builds by default?

Good question. The Backbone Core Dev Team doesn´t want to introduce a higher level of complexity. I have different opinion, so I created this project.

What happens when Backbone upgrades to a different version?

Normally nothing, the builder is version agnostic & if a new version shows up, the builder should continue working as expect.

Why This Project Was Created

I wanted to make it easier for people to only take what they want/need. You should read Greg Frankos article Backbone.js: Convincing the Boss Guide he has some good points and explains them in detail.

Why (or when) should I use custom builds

Backbone.js Custom Builds allow you to individually download only the Backbone.js modules that your project needs (the only required module is the Events module). With custom builds, you could use the Backbone Events class object as a standalone pub/sub solution, or only use Backbone Views to organize all of your app's event handlers, or use Backbone Models to store all of your applications data client-side, etc (all while minimizing your file size). The possibilities are endless! (not really but you get the point)


Release History

Take a look at the Changelog


Copyright (c) 2012 asciidisco Licensed under the MIT license.


Build your customized backbone experience with grunt







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