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replaceRequireScript with almond fails, if the target HTML file has no doctype defined #59

kaplas opened this Issue · 2 comments

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When using almond and trying to replace script tags in an HTML file which has no doctype defined user gets greeted with message

>> TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of null

The problem seems to be in the getDoctype function in lib/replace.js. Couldn't the function just return an empty string if document.doctype is null?


Good catch.
Would you mind to submit a pull request?


I can try; I checked previously that you have quite a good contributing guide, so perhaps I can manage it. Be prepared for some newbie fails though ;)

Ie. I haven't submitted many pull requests before, but if you don't mind a lag of couple of days, I can try make one with tests and everything.

@asciidisco asciidisco was assigned
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