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Deutsche Telekom Sport Plugin for Kodi (

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This plugin is not officially commisioned/supported by Deutsche Telekom. Any trademarks used belong to their owning companies & organisations.


Use the Kodinerds Repo to install the plugin. This way you´ll get updtes automatically and all dependencies can be satisfied.

If you´d like to install the plugin manually, download the latest Release as well as the pyDes dependency. pydes must be installed first, if you want to have encrypted credentials. You do want encrypted credentials.


If you feel, you´d like to contribute to this plugin or directly work on one of these items, please open an issue & we can provide you with some help to get started

Open issues & planned enhancements can be found here

More detailed information on the development process can be found here

Something doesn't work

If something doesn't work for you, please:

  • Make sure you´re running the latest version
  • Enable verbose logging in the plugin settings
  • Enable the Debug log in your Kodi settings
  • Open an issue with a titles that summarises your problems and include: a) Kodi version b) Your OS and OS version c) A Kodi debug log that represents your issue

Solved issues can be found here Please check them first before open an issue.

Code of Conduct

Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.


Licensed under The MIT License.