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Text based document generation using Python 3; Python3 port of AsciiDoc

AsciiDoc3 is a text document format for writing notes, documentation, articles, books, ebooks, slideshows, web pages, man pages and blogs. AsciiDoc3 files can be translated to many formats including HTML, PDF, EPUB, man page.
AsciiDoc3 is highly configurable: both the AsciiDoc3 source file syntax and the backend output markups (which can be almost any type of SGML/XML markup) can be customized and extended by the user.


AsciiDoc3 is written in 100% pure Python3 so you need a Python interpreter. Python3 is installed by default in most Linux distributions. You can download Python from the official Python website

Obtaining AsciiDoc3

Documentation and installation instructions are on the AsciiDoc3 website

deb rpm Packages

Packages for Debian/Ubuntu/Mint or SuSE/Fedora/RedHat systems are also available here:

PyPI / pip

AsciiDoc3 can also be obtained here: Look at the information given at before installing.

AsciiDoc3 and Windows

AsciiDoc3 runs on Windows, too (PyPI or zip-File available). More infos here


You can find the up-to-date repo here:

Pelican Plugin Available

See here or


Copyright © Stuart Rackham (and contributors) for AsciiDoc v8.6.9 (Python2)
Copyright © 2018 - 2019 Berthold Gehrke for AsciiDoc3 (Python3)
Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or later (GPLv2+).

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