🐺 An add-on for Mozilla Firefox that converts AsciiDoc files to HTML directly in the browser using Asciidoctor.js.
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asciidoctor-firefox-addon, Asciidoctor Firefox Addon

This project uses Asciidoctor.js to render AsciiDoc as HTML inside Firefox!


  1. Install the extension from the Firefox Add-ons site or from the GitHub latest release page. When you download the xpi file, if Firefox downloads it instead of directly installing it, just drag and drop it on Firefox

  2. Open local or remote .ad, .adoc, .asc, .asciidoc file in Firefox

  3. Click on the Asciidoctor Live Preview button in the toolbar (button with an A icon) to activate or deactivate the rendering.

asciidoctor preview enabled
Figure 1. An asciidoc file opened in firefox with HTML preview
asciidoctor preview disabled
Figure 2. An asciidoc file opened in firefox without HTML preview

Local build

To manually build the extension bundle (.xpi) from the source you need to install jpm.

$ npm install jpm -g

Then execute the command jpm xpi from the add-on’s directory:

$ jpm xpi

This command will produce an .xpi file. You can simply drag and drop it on Firefox to install the Add-on.

Copyright © 2013 Guillaume Grossetie. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the MIT License.

See the LICENSE file for details.