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@ysb33r ysb33r released this Mar 30, 2019 · 24 commits to master since this release

  • Rename development-1.6 branch to development-2.0
  • Instead of every subproject creating it's own off-line repo, create a subproject that will keep one on behalf of all subprojects.
  • Run all tests on Appveyor (gradle/gradle#5828)
  • Write a multi-project compatibility test where an extension is created in one subproject and consumed by another asciidoctor subproject.
  • Set includedir attribute to be sourceDir or where intermediate is use, to the intermediate work directory.
  • Write integration tests for resources:
    • When 'resources' not specified, then copy all images to backend
    • When 'resources' not specified and more than one backend, then copy all images to every backend
    • When 'resources' are specified, then copy according to all patterns
  • Write integration tests for gemPath (#104)
  • Write a compatibility test which include jruby-gradle and requires some external GEMs.
  • Logging the classpath in JDK9/10. (The parent is no longer a URLClassLoader, but an internal platform classloader).
  • Utilise asciidoctor/asciidoctorj#643 and remove the current way of activating verbose mode.
    • LogHandler implementation for IN_PROCESS / OUT_OF_PROCESS modes. (#233)
    • Investigate whether parsing from the LogHandler can be used to fail builds under certain warning conditions. (#154)
  • Get rid of The Cobertura XML file [null] is not accessible; skipping this rule message.
  • Merge 1.5.8/ changes to Asciidoctor compatiblity task. Refactor internals of compatibility task to use JAVA_EXEC instead of the old in-memory oroxy cache model.
  • All default tasks must have a group and description.
  • Make tasks build-cache friendly by setting path sensitivity on inputs that are files.
  • The constructor of AbstractAsciidoctorTask still relies on an internal API. This needs to be resolved in another manner: (resourceCopySpec as CopySpecInternal).buildRootResolver().allSource (Requires Grolifant 0.8)
  • Settings for specific PDF attributes on the AsciidoctorJPdfTask.
  • Using #186 as inspiration allow better support for local themes and downloadable themes
  • Check Jacoco configuration to include gradleTest in coverage.
  • Fix Gradle 4.9 issue (#254, gradle/gradle#6027).
  • Fix Gradle 4.10 issue (#269)
  • Fix build to work with JDK11.
  • Create a manual test for memory leaks as per #182. The idea is not to run it from CI, but locally.
  • RevealJS plugin (
  • Drop support for AsciidoctorJ 1.5.x (#274)
    • Resolving how the minimum JRuby version is selected in AsciidoctorJExtension.minimumSafeJRubyVersion. There must be a better way of doing this.
    • Remove the need for asciidoctorjHasApiJar in asciidoctorj-versions.gradle.
  • Fix annotation warnings in Reveal.js plugin (#281).
  • Code coverage reported by coveralls should be 80%+.
  • Depend on localGroovy() instead of groovy-all in gradle-plugin-dependencies.gradle (Depends on gradle/gradle#3698)
  • Fix the plugin classpath manifest for tests (#271)

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