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@mojavelinux mojavelinux released this Feb 11, 2020 · 37 commits to master since this release


This is it! You can finally install the Asciidoctor PDF gem without the --pre flag. What made us decide it's ready? Perhaps it's the 1,000 tests in the test suite. Perhaps it's the 900 resolved issues. Perhaps because it's the 30th release in the project history. Or perhaps, it was just time ;)

This release brings with it several notable improvements and bug fixes since the last candidate release. Feature-wise, there's now broader support for using a data URI target as the image target (i.e., background image and running content image), the page mode can be fully configured using the pdf-page-mode attribute or page_mode theme key, the front and back cover can be set to a blank page, a pass block will render as a literal block, and if a table has multiple header rows (which must be configured using an extension), those rows will act like header rows (i.e., styled appropriately and repeated on subsequent pages). In the bug fix category, the processor won't crash if the document has a PDF cover page and SVG page background, the background and border will be drawn around the entire block in an AsciiDoc table cell, the character spacing in an inline SVG won't be altered by the image placeholder, and the processor will only warn once per missing character per font.

Consult the CHANGELOG for this release, as well as previous releases, for a full picture of what has changed recently.

Next steps

Following this release, Asciidoctor PDF will adhere to semantic versioning and only support versions of Ruby that themselves are in an active cycle. The Asciidoctor PDF 2.0.0 release will mostly be the same as this one, though will swap a few default settings that could affect compatibility.



  • support table with multiple head rows & decorate accordingly (#1539)
  • draw background and border around entire delimited block with wrapped text that appears inside an AsciiDoc table cell (#820)
  • fix crash when document has PDF cover page and SVG page background (#1546)
  • allow page mode to be fully configured using pdf-page-mode attribute or page_mode theme key (#840)
  • allow background image to be specified using a data URI
  • allow running content image to be specified using a data URI
  • support creating empty front or back cover by assigning empty value to front-cover-image or back-cover-image attribute
  • only warn once per missing character (#1545)
  • render pass block as listing block, using raw source as contents
  • prevent image placeholder from altering character spacing in inline SVG (#1550)

Release meta

Released on: 2019-02-11
Released by: @mojavelinux
Release beer: Black IPA by Bent Barley

Logs: resolved issues | full diff


A very special thanks to all the awesome supporters of the Asciidoctor OpenCollective campaign who provided critical funding for the development of this release as well as ongoing development of the project.

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