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@mojavelinux mojavelinux released this Oct 12, 2019 · 147 commits to master since this release


The amount of feedback we received on the last beta led to improvements that warranted another beta release. This release brings us one step closer still to the release candidates for the 1.5.0 release. And an exciting release it is! Here are some of the highlights:

After several years and much refactoring, we're pleased to announce that the table of contents can finally be positioned using the toc macro. If an entry in the toc wraps, the dot leaders extend from the wrapped line to the page number. To address backwards compatibility, fit=contain is once again the default for cover and page background images. And it's now possible to use fit=fill for all background images. If what you are looking for is a watermark rather than a background image, you can set it using the matching page-foreground-image attribute or theme key. If you are looking to squeeze the main body text into a narrower column than the section titles, you can now set the indent using the section_indent key in the theme. If you want to use the theme to style captions differently for different block types, most block categories now accept the caption subcategory. To stretch your AsciiDoc semantics further, you may be interested in checking out the new ordered and unordered description lists. Speaking of the description lists, at long last, the horizontal description list style is now supported. And, finally, the PDF optimizer is now integrated into the converter. Just set the optimize document attribute.

If you are touching the internals of Asciidoctor PDF, note that the source has been moved from lib/asciidoctor-pdf to lib/asciidoctor/pdf. However, you can still require the converter using either asciidoctor-pdf or asciidoctor/pdf.

Consult the CHANGELOG to find a complete list of changes.



  • reorganize source files under asciidoctor/pdf folder (instead of asciidoctor-pdf)
  • reorganize monkeypatch files under asciidoctor/pdf/ext
  • allow toc to be positioned using toc macro (#1030)
  • extend dots leading up to page number from wrapped line in toc (#1152)
  • set fit=contain by default on cover and page background images (#1275)
  • implement fit=fill for cover, page background, and running content raster (non-SVG) images (#1276)
  • allow foreground image (e.g., watermark) to be added to each page using page-foreground-image attribute or theme key (#727)
  • allow section body to be indented using section_indent key in theme (#737)
  • add glyphs for built-in characters to bundled monospace font (M+ 1mn) (#1274)
  • look for "noborder" role on image even if other roles are defined
  • remove deprecated table_odd_row_background_color and table_even_row_background_color keys from theme
  • implement unordered and ordered description lists (#1280)
  • recognize transparent as valid value for cellbgcolor attribute
  • allow custom role to revert font style to normal (#1286)
  • allow theme to control font properties (font size, font color, etc) of description list term (#1289)
  • allow theme to override caption styles for specific block categories: blockquote, code, example, footnotes, image, listing, and table (#307)
  • allow theme to control style of verse block independently of a quote block (#40)
  • position list marker correctly when media=prepress and list item is advanced to next page or split across pages (#1303)
  • layout horizontal dlist in two columns (#310)
  • apply normal substitutions to content of manname section (#1294)
  • optimize PDF using quality specified in value of optimize attribute if optimize attribute is set (#535)
  • allow xref macro to override xrefstyle set on document
  • assume admonition icon in theme is a legacy FontAwesome icon if the icon set prefix is absent
  • rewrite optimize-pdf as a bin script named asciidoctor-pdf-optimize
  • allow image alt text formatting and arrangement to be controlled by theme (#730)
  • upgrade prawn-icon to 2.5.0 (which upgrades Font Awesome to 5.11.2)

Release meta

Released on: 2019-10-11
Released by: @mojavelinux
Release beer: Ice Climber by Living the Dream

Logs: resolved issues | full diff


A very special thanks to all the awesome supporters of the Asciidoctor OpenCollective campaign who provided critical funding for the development of this release as well as ongoing development of the project.

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