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AsciiDoc Preview package

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Shows the rendered HTML of the AsciiDoc content in current editor.

Toggle the preview pane, which appears to the right of the editor, by using the key combination ctrl-shift-a or cmd-shift-a.

It is currently enabled for .adoc, .asciidoc, .ad, .asc, .adoc.txt, .txt files.

Note: since 1.0.0, the auto-completions have been migrated to a dedicate package: autocomplete-asciidoc.

This package use Asciidoctor.js.



  • Live preview or preview only on save.
  • Choose the position of the preview pane: "left", "right", "up", "down" (default: "right")
  • Save as HTML: save the document to an HTML file.
  • Export as PDF: create a PDF file and open with your default PDF viewer.
    • asciidoctor-pdf command must be available on your PATH.
    • more styling options are available in the package settings.
  • Synchronize the preview pane: synchronize the preview pane with the AsciiDoc source pane.
    • WARNING: The scroll position on the preview pane does not automatically scroll the AsciiDoc source pane.

More options are available :

  • in the package settings
  • in the global menu
  • by right-clicking on the preview
  • by right-clicking on an AsciiDoc file.

Others Atom packages for AsciiDoc

  • language-asciidoc: Syntax highlighting and snippets for AsciiDoc (with Asciidoctor flavor).
  • asciidoc-preview: Show an preview for the AsciiDoc content in the current editor.
  • autocomplete-asciidoc: AsciiDoc language autocompletions.
  • asciidoc-image-helper: When pasting an image into an Asciidoc document, this package will paste clipboard image data as a file into a folder specified by the user.
  • asciidoc-assistant: install Atom AsciiDoc basic packages with one package.


You can install this module from the command-line by typing apm install asciidoc-preview.

AsciiDoc Preview demo

Thanks to @kevinsawicki for inspiration markdown-preview.