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AsciiDoc Preview package

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Shows the rendered HTML of the AsciiDoc content in current editor using ctrl-shift-a or cmd-shift-a.

It can be activated from the editor using the ctrl-shift-a or cmd-shift-a key-binding and is currently enabled for .adoc, .asciidoc, .ad, .asc, .adoc.txt, .txt files.

Note: since 1.0.0, the autocompletions have been migrated to a new package: autocomplete-asciidoc

You can install this module from the command-line by typing apm install asciidoc-preview.

You can toggle the preview pane, which appears to the right of the editor, using the key combination ctrl-shift-a or cmd-shift-a.

More options are accessible by right-clicking on the preview.

AsciiDoc Preview demo

Thanks to @kevinsawicki! I just adapted markdown-preview and used Asciidoctor.js.