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⚛ AsciiDoc language package for the Atom editor.
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AsciiDoc Language Package for Atom

Atom Package Atom Package Downloads Build Status (Linux) Build Status (Windows) MIT License

Adds syntax highlighting and snippets to AsciiDoc files. Supports Asciidoctor-specific features.

NOTE: This package recognizes the modern AsciiDoc syntax endorsed by Asciidoctor. It does not support the legacy AsciiDoc syntax permitted by Asciidoctor with compat mode enabled or by AsciiDoc Python. Additionally, two-line section titles are not recognized by this package since they confuse both the language highlighter and the writer.

File extension support

The default file extensions for AsciiDoc files are ad, asc, adoc, asciidoc, and asciidoc.txt Changing the file extension to asciidoc.txt is a recommended solution to remain compatibile with .txt based tooling, whilst having a distinct filename related to the AsciiDoc language. To add a different file extension, such at .txt, customize your Atom configuration:

Open the Atom configuration:

  • Menu > Edit > Config..
  • 'Application: open your config' via the Command Palette
  • Edit ~/.atom/config.cson

Add a custom file type support:

      "source.asciidoc": [
          "foo" # all files with `.foo` extension (ex: ``)
          "foobar.txt" # all files with `.foobar.txt` extension  (ex `documentation.foobar.txt`)

Then save the configuration file and restart Atom or press ctrl + alt + r to refresh the UI. You should now see the new file type recognized by the atom-language-asciidoc package.


In the spirit of free software, everyone is encouraged to help improve this project.

To contribute code, simply fork the project on GitHub, hack away and send a pull request with your proposed changes. We have a dedicated guide to get you started.

Feel free to use the issue tracker to provide feedback or suggestions in other ways.

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