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Stierlitz, the Fearless, Driver-Less Bus Analyzer.

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Got a Xilinx ML501, or another FPGA board with a Cypress CY7C67300 USB controller on it?

Got a bus 31 or fewer bits wide?

Stierlitz will sit on your bus and imitate a USB Mass Storage device.  The latter will appear to have a FAT16 file system on it, containing a single binary "image" file.

Mount it (under Linux, using "mount -o sync ...") and perform arbitrary reads/writes by reading or writing blocks within the image file.

Make sure to use the O_DIRECT flag (or "raw" block device, if your kernel still has it) to disable ALL caching on the PC end.  AFAIK, you cannot do this on Windows or Mac. Therefore I did not bother testing Stierlitz at all on those poor, crippled systems.

If you snip out the FAT16 emulation, you can get 41 bits of address space.

You will need:

1) To build the firmware image, you will need an assembler for the Cypress CY16 architecture: "QTASM.EXE". (Get it here:
2) EZOTGDBG ( to flash the firmware image to the CY7C67300.
3) The Xilinx build tools for your board.  Edit the Makefile in the "ml501" directory, esp. if you have a 32-bit Linux.
4) A UCF file to match your board's wiring, if you have something other than an ML501.
5) (Optional) SBCL ( See the "Lisp" directory.

The "ml501" directory contains a Verilog implementation of the required FPGA-side logic, "stierlitz.v".
If you build using the provided Makefile (edit to insert your Xilinx tool paths) you will have a demo.
The demo gives you a 128K "file" mapped to SRAM ("infer-sram.v"; need an FPGA with at least this much Block RAM to run this.)

Another example, involving an LCD module, can be seen here:
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