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Releases: asciinema/asciinema-player


02 Oct 13:19
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  • terminal emulation improvements (RI, VPR)
  • better text reflow upon terminal resize
  • fixed big play button centering
  • removed redundant CSS styles


04 Sep 14:23
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The work on resize feature has been sponsored by ITLook. Thanks @boris-42 !


22 Jun 20:19
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  • added experimental websocket-based live streaming protocol (ALiS)
  • more efficient parsing of typescript and ttyrec recordings
  • improved logging
  • fixed buffering in websocket driver
  • added term size detection in raw handler of websocket driver


14 May 20:05
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  • introduced new parsers for typescript and ttyrec formats
  • added markers
  • added controls option for controling visibility of control bar
  • added scrubbing support to the progress bar, allowing for navigattion through the timeline of a recording. Thanks to @blake-mealey for this contribution #166!
  • added offline state for live drivers
  • fixed idleTimeLimit option behaviour with input ("i") events
  • fixed time display when pre-buffering in live drivers
  • added ability for configuring live drivers' minFrameTime
  • right mouse button clicks on scrubber are now ignored
  • prefixed most CSS classes to minimize clashes with host page CSS
  • other CSS improvements like removing legacy prefixes, etc
  • refactorings to driver initialization and poster rendering


14 May 20:07
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  • improved initialization with regards to obtaining font metrics (helps when embedding in Reveal.js slides)
  • exposed input recorded with asciinema rec --stdin via input events
  • added inputOffset source option to shift fired input events in time
  • fixed to not act like toggle
  • disabled font ligatures
  • added minFrameTime source option to change FPS cap (default: 1/60s)
  • smoother playback without jitter for websocket and eventsource drivers thanks to (now) default buffer of 100ms
  • improved handling of current time for live drivers
  • changed loading indicator to more familiar, good looking one
  • refactored player core with regards to states player can be in

Example use of new input event:

const player = AsciinemaPlayer.create('/demo.cast', document.getElementById('demo'));

player.addEventListener('input', { data } => {
  console.log('input!', JSON.stringify(data));

inputOffset source option can be used to shift fired input events in time, e.g. when you need them to fire earlier due to audio samples taking extra time to be emitted:

const player = AsciinemaPlayer.create({
  url: '/demo.cast',
  inputOffset: -0.25
}, document.getElementById('demo'));

player.addEventListener('input', { data } => {
  // this is fired 250 ms earlier than it would be without `inputOffset`


13 Mar 22:19
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  • moved control bar below last terminal line
  • added frame stepping with dot key (when paused)
  • added ability to implement custom format parser with { url: "...", parser: parserFn } source - doc
  • disabled logging by default, can be enabled with { logger: console } option - doc
  • upgraded VT module to latest version
  • further improvements to Websocket and EventSource (SSE) drivers
  • code refactoring, bundler related upgrades


02 Mar 09:19
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  • fixed error thrown by ResizeObserver when resizing browser window
  • improvements to Websocket and EventSource (SSE) drivers (these are not yet officially supported, will document them in README once they're ready for prime time)


27 Feb 13:20
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  • upgraded VT module to latest version
  • improved buffer implementation for live sources (websocket, SSE)


10 Feb 14:57
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  • added support for faint graphic rendition
  • added Nord color theme
  • implemented ansi.sys variant of DECSC/DECRC control sequences: CSI s and CSI u
  • fixed charset switching (shift out/in control sequence behaviour)
  • fixed upper line clearing when scrolling down within scroll region
  • improved soft reset (DECSTR control sequence) - charset states (G0, G1, GL) are now reset as well


12 Jun 20:00
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