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Emergency Department Ultrasound Simulator
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edus2 - The Emergency Department Ultrasound Simulator

The Emergency Department Ultrasound Simulator (edus2TM) is a portable bedside ultrasound device that allows for the seamless integration of Emergency Department Ultrasound (EDUS) into high fidelity simulation scenarios (HFS). Trainees using the edus2 gain the opportunity to determine whether to use bedside ultrasound (indications), how to properly hold and place the probe (image generation) and finally how to assess scans (image interpretation) as displayed on the edus2 screen all within the context of an HFS scenario.

The edus2 plays predetermined video clips of areas of interest through the coupling of those videos to specific RFID cards placed under the skin of an existing HFS mannequin. We use a USB based RFID scanner hidden inside a gutted low frequency probe as a simulated probe. Multiple scans are possible during any given scenario including thoracic, cardiac, abdominal and pelvic. To our knowledge, this is the first such EDUS simulator that allows for actual use of a probe on any available manufactured HFS mannequin resulting in seamless incorporation of EDUS into all HFS scenarios.


  • Python
  • X11
  • mplayer with X11 support
  • py-mplayer for making calls to mplayer
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