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Required hardware

  • Laptop or computer running any OS compatible with X11 and MPlayer
  • An Olimex 125 kHz RFID reader. We do NOT recommend purchasing this reader directly from Olimex. We've had many issues with Olimex RFID products (mostly their tags), and have found their support to be rude and ineffective.
    • Alternate devices should work as long as the operating system recognizes them as a keyboard/human interface device they output a string followed by a newline
  • Compatible 125 kHz RFID tags such as these wallet-card style ones, or these disc-shaped ones. We do NOT recommend purchasing RFID tags from Olimex, as we've had very poor experiences with their products as well as their customer service.
    • There are 27 scans currently in the default install. As such ordering at least 30 tags would be a good plan. If your sim mannequin allows you to use the wallet sized ones under the skin, this is excellent. If you cannot hide these under the skin, for some or all of your tags, you can use the smaller disc-shaped ones and tape them to the mannequin when you need them.
    • The issue with cards not working seems to be related to Olimex reader supporting a specific encoding set, and the Parallax cards having multiple encoding types possible (but not explicitly stated by the supplier which one that batch is using)
  • You will also need a USB extension cable

Probe Design

Important design considerations

  • The RFID reader works best with the antenna (coil of wire) side facing the RFID card flat on. Side-on or end-on will likely not work.
  • The original prototype installed in a real probe casing was created by removing the black heat shrink and desoldering the USB connector so the reader was short enough to fit in the case. The connector was resoldered with a few inches of wire so it would fit inconspicuously inside the probe casing.

You will likely want to create a more realistic probe for the sim lab. A few ideas include:

  • Cutting one out of wood and fixing the RFID reader to this
  • Resin casting a real probe and embedding the reader inside this. This would make an excellent probe but is more involved. If this little kid can make a resin cast of her toys you can make one of your probe. We are not responsible for any probes destroyed in this process!
  • Emptying out a deodorant stick, cutting out a hole in the "twist end" of the deodorant stick, and then gluing the RFID reader inside the head of the deodorant stick. We found that this method provides a fairly realistic looking probe.

#List of probes:

#Other ideas

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