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Ascoderu is a small tech-for-good charity. Our mission is to help bridge the digital divide by enabling everyone to access email at a sustainable price.

Popular repositories

  1. lokole Public

    Source code for the Lokole project. Lokole enables communities in the Congo DRC to pool resources to access efficient communication via email at an affordable price.

    Python 37 14

  2. pyzmail Public

    Forked from aspineux/pyzmail

    Pyzmail is a high level mail library for Python, providing functions to read, compose and send emails (fork for Python 3.6)

    Python 9 7

  3. xtarfile Public

    Wrapper around tarfile to add support for more compression formats

    Python 7 4

  4. Public information site for Ascoderu

    HTML 6 1

  5. mkwvconf Public

    Forked from schuay/mkwvconf

    Automatically generate a wvdial configuration for mobile broadband devices using mobile-broadband-provider-info (fork for Python 2.7+)

    Python 4

  6. Benchmark to compare serialization and compression algorithms

    Python 3 3


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