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Groovy ETL
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GETL - based package in Groovy, which automates the work of loading and transforming data. His name is an acronym for "Groovy ETL".

GETL is a set of libraries of pre-built classes and objects that can be used to solve problems unpacking, transform and load data into programs written in Groovy, or Java, as well as from any software that supports the work with Java classes.

GETL taken into account when developing ideas and following requirements:

  • The simpler the class hierarchy, the easier solution;
  • The data structures tend to change over time, or not be known in advance, working with them must be maintained;
  • All routine work ETL should be automated wherever possible;
  • Compiling the code on the fly bail speed and reserve for the optimization;
  • Sophisticated class hierarchy guarantee easy connection of other open source solutions.

Maven URL:

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