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Contest Management System


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CMS, or Contest Management System, is a distributed system for running and (to some extent) organizing a programming contest.

CMS has been designed to be general and to handle many different types of contests, tasks, scorings, etc. Nonetheless, CMS has been explicitly build to be used in the 2012 International Olympiad in Informatics, held in September 2012 in Italy.

This Branch

This branch originally is a fork of CMS v1.2.0. It is modified to be used in IIUM Code Jam 2016. It is modified mainly to provide an ACM-ICPC-like scoring system, but other changes have been implemented as well. Since them, CMS v1.3.0-prealpha (of some commit that I don't remember) was merged and more modification was made to be used in Code Knights. Among the differences are:

  • A score type called ACMICPCApproximate that tries to approximate ACM-ICPC style rankings.
  • The scoreboard has minor visual changes when using the ACMICPCApproximate score type.
  • A contest freeze time in which submission after that time will have a different visual cues on the scoreboard.
  • A button in admin server that force resending all data to ranking server.
  • Does not change the filename internally so that java compilation works as expected.
  • Tags support in the ranking web server and the scoreboard can be filtered according to tag. For example 'guest' and 'local' flag.
  • It now record stderr and stdout of an evaluation. Available in AdminWebServer
  • Add an option to allow participants to submit solution outside contest time.

ACMICPCApproximate Score Type

This score type tries to simulate ACM-ICPC ranking system in which there would be penalty for wrong attempt and faster submission would result in higher score. It's parameter is an array containing three number base, penalty and time_decay. The resulting score is base - (penalty x wrong attempt) - (time_decay x seconds from contest start). A good approximation would be [1000,20,0.0166], but it is still possible for the ranking to behave differently from actual ACM-ICPC ranking system.


This branch also comes with some docker-compose setup. To use it, run:

  • ./dockerscripts/
  • ./dockerscripts/ contest/
  • ./dockerscripts/ contest/
  • ./dockerscripts/ users.json
  • ./dockerscripts/

Where contest/ is the extracted polygon package. And users.json is the file that is used by the cmsJsonUserImporter.

WARNING Due to some cgroup things that I couldn't figureout, the container is running under privileged mode.


For end-users it's best to download the latest stable version of CMS, which can be found already packaged at

This git repository, which contains the development version in its master branch, is intended for developers and everyone interested in contributing or just curious to see how the code works and wanting to hack on it.

Please note that since the sandbox is contained in a [git submodule] ( you should append --recursive to the standard git clone command to obtain it. Or, if you have already cloned CMS, simply run the following command from inside the repository:

git submodule update --init


The complete CMS documentation is at

The mailing list for announcements, user support and general discussion is You can subscribe at So far, it is an extremely low traffic mailing list.

The mailing list for development discussion (to submit feedback, proposals and critics, get opinions and reviews, etc.) is You can subscribe at

Please don't use these mailing lists for bug reports. File them on github instead.

For extemporaneous support and discussion, join the Gitter chat (see link above).

To help with the troubleshooting, you can collect the complete log files that are placed in /var/local/log/cms/ (if CMS was running installed) or in ./log (if it was running from the local copy).


CMS has been used in several official and unofficial contests. Please find an updated list at

If you used CMS for a contest, selection, or a similar event, and want to publicize this information, we would be more than happy to hear from you and add it to that list.