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What are the Chances?

(About 30 for 28 tabs of loot, and 77 for 65. Who knew).

A simple recipe finder for Path of Exile

What are the Chances is a parasite, feeding on Acquisition's data. If you're logged into Acquisition, and it's keeping your items updated, you can use this program.

Because it just takes the data from Acquisition, you don't even need to give it your password. Or username. Or anything. So long as Acquisition is working and running, this'll work just fine.

In return for the delicious data feed, What are the Chances finds recipes for you, and sorts them into inventory sized chunks, for easy vendoring.

As it stands, What are the Chances only finds Chance/Alchemy orb recipes. Personally I don't find it hard to do any of the other ones manually, so I didn't bother including them, but it's expandable.

The reason I made this, is because Procurement has the functionality to search for chance recipes for you, but Procurement sucks, and even the recipe functionality is minimal. (No offence @Stickymaddness).

Check out the demo here.

How to use it

Pick some tabs in which to dump loot ingame. The more the better. I have 119 stash tabs, and 66 of them are dedicated to this.

Run main.pyw, and you'll be presented with a settings window, if it's your first run of the program. This just lets you tell the program which stash tabs you're using for purpose in which league. Select your league with the choice at the top, then, for those of you with a lot of nonpremium stash tabs, (or defaultly named premium ones), you can define a numerical range of stash tabs to check, and for those who don't fit into that group, or if you have extra tabs to tack onto that, you can put them in the text box there, separated by commas.

If the settings window doesn't show, or you want it back, simply right click on the tray icon, and hit "Settings".

Aaand that's it! WhatAreTheChances will now keep an eye on your Acquisition data, and let you know when it finds something. It also definitely doesn't send any data to me about all your cool drops. Honest. Seriously. Why don't you trust me bro.


What are the Chances depends upon only a few things; below I've provided the download links for them for windows.




Virustotal, because you should never trust random download links to executables.

For Linux users, this should work, just get wxpython 3+, Python 2.7, and pygame1.9.x, but no promises, (and what are you doing trying to game on linux?)


I made this mostly for myself, but whatever, if you find any issues that keep you from using it, gimme a shout. or @Oddish ingame.


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