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asdf-plugin-template Build Lint

This is an asdf-vm plugin template with CI to run Shellcheck and testing with the asdf test GitHub Action.


  1. Generate a new repository based on this template.
  2. Clone it and run bash setup.bash.
  3. Force push to your repo: git push --force-with-lease.
  4. Adapt your code at the TODO markers. To find the markers: git grep TODO.
  5. To develop your plugin further, please read the plugins create section of the docs.

A feature of this plugin-template when hosted on GitHub is the use of release-please, an automated release tool. It leverages Conventional Commit messages to determine semver release type, see the documentation.


Contributions welcome!

  1. Install asdf tools

    asdf plugin add shellcheck
    asdf plugin add shfmt
    asdf install
  2. Develop!

  3. Lint & Format

  4. PR changes