Code base for Autoit Application that automates the Fellowship One Check-in app
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Code base for Autoit Application that automates the Fellowship One Check-in app

This is the First version of my automation app. It works on Windows 7/8/10, and is configured either by an XML file or by passing parameters thru the command line. The code is heavly commented and straight forward.

At my church The application is started with a scheduled task with multiple defined time based triggers that run a powershell script. The script calls the automation program and/or other task based on the time and computer. It kills windows explorer(reduces problems and increases security for self kiosk), loads screen savers(wallpapers compiled into exe's by irfanview which locks poeple out untill my script finishes), loads an options bar program for quick IT support after problems(another repo) as well as perform other task.

Overall I now have very few issues with this system. Out of 30 PC's I get maybe 2 error email's per service. Really beats having to go to 30 machines and configure all of them by hand. Most of the problems come from internet issues.

Command line arguments are passed: "appload.exe code 1234 mode self" The order of code and mode doesn't matter but they must be followed by spaces and values and both be present.


To build you will have to add the UIAWrappers.au3 file to your include folder in your autoit install folder. I've added it to the repo(uploaded version has one line commented out on line 560 to stop logfiles for every run) but here is the link if you want to get it yourself. Use version v0