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package com.yuzhouwan.common.util
import com.yuzhouwan.common.UnitTestStyle
import com.yuzhouwan.common.util.StrUtils4Scala._
* Copyright @ 2018
* All right reserved.
* Function:String Utils for Scala Test
* @author Benedict Jin
* @since 2018/5/30
class StrUtils4ScalaTest extends UnitTestStyle {
"Put a string and sub string into countSubString method" should "output a count of sub string" in {
countSubString("", "%s") should be(0)
countSubString("%s_%s", "%s") should be(2)
countSubString("%s_%s%S", "%s") should be(2)
countSubString("%s_%s%S%s", "%s") should be(3)
"Put a string and sub string into patchSubString method" should "output a count of sub string" in {
patchSubString("", "%s") should be("")
patchSubString("%s_%s", "%s") should be("%s_")
patchSubString("%s_%s%S", "%s") should be("%s_%S")
patchSubString("%s_%s%S%s", "%s") should be("%s_%s%S")
"Put few params into superFormat method" should "output a formatted string" in {
superFormat("%s_%s", "A") should be("A_")
superFormat("%s_%s", "A", "B") should be("A_B")
superFormat("%s_%s", "A", "B", "C") should be("A_B")