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  • pacman -S devtools rsync python-setuptools python-simplejson python-yaml python-pymongo python-flask pyalpm ccache
  • yaourt -S python-flup-hg
  • run make install
  • useradd --system -c 'aurbs daemon user' -g daemon -d /var/cache/aurbs -s /bin/bash aurbs
  • chown -R aurbs: /var/cache/aurbs/ccache/*
  • chown -R aurbs: /var/cache/aurbs/build/*
  • set PACKAGER in /etc/makepkg.conf
  • modify /etc/aurbs.yml to define you pkgs and archs
  • make sure that mongodb is running
  • run aurbs to build pkgs

For the UI:

  • for better performance configure your webserver to allow x-sendfile or manually serve /var/lib/aurbs/aurstaging to /aurstaging
  • same reason, for the public repo: if you want to serve it on another url, specify that url in config
  • sample config for lighttpd: templates/lighttpd.conf.sample