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A Framework distribution of CocoaLumberjack for iOS and OS X

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  1. Download and unarchive into $project/Frameworks directory.
  2. Drag the framework(s) to Xcode into the Framework group adding it/them to the right target.
  3. * iOS: Add -ObjC to the Build Setting Other Linker Flags of your target
    • OS X: Create a Copy Files build phase with the target Frameworks and add the framework(s).

What is CocoaLumberjackFramework?

A Framework distribution of CocoaLumberjack for iOS and OS X.


The advantage of a framework distribution is that you only have to build it once. A nested project or directly including the code (shudder) always builds everything for a fresh build (e.g. after a clean).

A disadvantage is that you can't change the code of the Framework directly if you want to. You also can't browse the source files to set breakpoints. But you can step into the Framework functions. This makes debugging a little more difficult.


There are no requirements.


  • Software
    • OS X 10.6 and later
    • iOS 4.0 and later
  • Architecture
    • iPhone 3G and later
    • all iPads
    • iPod Touch 3rd Gen. and later


There is currently no example that just uses CocoaLumberjackFramework. But there are sample applications that demonstrate the usage of CocoaLumberjack in it's [repository](CocoaLumberjack.


Please check out the Getting Started wiki page of the CocoaLumberjack project.


Please check out the wiki of the CocoaLumberjack project.

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