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E-Puck Aseba firmware
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Aseba firmware for the e-puck robot (



You need the following to compile this firmware:

You have to change the size of the UART 1 e-puck reception buffer to hold the largest possible packet (probably bytecode + header). Otherwise if you set a new bytecode while busy (for instance while sending description), you might end up in a dead-lock. To do so, edit e_uart1_rx_char.s, and change U1RXBuf to something like 1024 and update masks accordingly:

e_uart1_rx_char.s:28	_U1RXBuf: .space 1024
e_uart1_rx_char.s:57	and		#0x3ff, w0
e_uart1_rx_char.s:86	and		#0x3ff, w2

Now, there are two ways to build:

Use pic30-elf-gcc

If you use pic30-elf-gcc, use the provided Makefile.pic30. They might be outdated and require adaptation, we welcome patches. In that case, you have to define the environment variable EPUCKLIBROOT and ASEBAROOT before running make, and compile a library called asebaembedded composed of vm/vm.c vm/natives.c and transport/buffer/vm-buffer.c


If you use MPLAB X IDE, create a new project, set to CPU 30F6014A.

Then configure the following settings (examples given for xc16 compiler):

  • 64 bytes of heap (Project settings -> xc16-ld -> Heap size: 64)
  • large memory model (Project settings -> xc16-gcc -> Memory model -> Data Model: Large)

Then add the files:

from Aseba:

  • vm/vm.c
  • vm/natives.c
  • transport/buffer/vm-buffer.c

from e-puck library:

  • acc_gyro/e_lsm330.c
  • a_d/advance_ad_scan/e_acc.c
  • a_d/advance_ad_scan/e_micro.c
  • a_d/e_ad_conv.c
  • a_d/advance_ad_scan/e_ad_conv.c
  • a_d/advance_ad_scan/e_prox.c
  • camera/fast_2_timers/e_common.c
  • camera/fast_2_timers/e_calc_po3030k.c
  • camera/fast_2_timers/e_po3030k_registers.c
  • camera/fast_2_timers/e_calc_po6030k.c
  • camera/fast_2_timers/e_po6030k_registers.c
  • camera/fast_2_timers/e_calc_po8030d.c
  • camera/fast_2_timers/e_po8030d_registers.c
  • camera/fast_2_timers/e_interrupt.s
  • camera/fast_2_timers/e_timers.c
  • I2C/e_I2C_master_module.c
  • I2C/e_I2C_protocol.c
  • motor_led/e_init_port.c
  • motor_led/advance_one_timer/e_agenda.c
  • motor_led/advance_one_timer/e_led.c
  • motor_led/advance_one_timer/e_motors.c
  • motor_led/advance_one_timer/e_remote_control.c
  • uart/e_init_uart1.s
  • uart/e_uart1_rx_char.s
  • uart/e_uart1_tx_char.s
  • utility/utility.c

then finally:

  • epuckaseba.c
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