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UNOfficial PHP Instagram API implementation
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PHP Instagram implementation


This an in ultra-alpha library, but it works. It's just a piece of code I've created to play along with the Instagram Real Time API

Required libraries

You'll need to have the curl library installed along with PHP.

We also use curl library from shuber

If you git clone --recursive everyhing should be working fine

How to use the REAL TIME API

You will need an instagram client id and client secret. Get it here.

In order to use this library you will need to set it somewhere where the callback.php file can be accessible by instagram servers

test.php file has an example on usage for the basic subscriptions calls

To configure the callback usage you must create a new class extending SubscriptionProcessor in phpirt.php file and redefine the public static function process($data){} function. You can see an example at callback.php file


$i = new InstagramRealTime(INSTAGRAM_KEY, INSTAGRAM_SECRET);
$photos = $i->generic("/tags/$hashtag/media/recent");
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