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Simplification: middleware don't need wrapping.

Their `next()` callback is already a regular Node-style callback; it already
works with Streamline syntax just fine.
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@@ -1,32 +1,21 @@
module.exports = express = require 'express'
# wraps the streamline-style handler (req, res, _) to the style express
-# requires (req, res, next). we have different methods for middleware vs.
-# route/resource handlers to account for the different completion semantics.
-# update: account for error handlers which have the form (err, req, res, _)!
-wrapHandler = (handler, isMiddleware) ->
+# requires (req, res, next). note that error handlers have an extra parameter,
+# and express examines the route function's length to determine this!
+wrapHandler = (handler) ->
makeCallback = (next) ->
(err) ->
- if err
- next(err)
- else if isMiddleware
- next()
+ return next err if err
if handler.length >= 4
(err, req, res, next) ->
handler err, req, res, makeCallback next
(req, res, next) ->
handler req, res, makeCallback next
-# we wrap the Express server's instance methods via its prototype:
+# we monkey-patch the route and error methods via Express's prototype::
app = express.HTTPServer.prototype
-# we monkey-patch the middleware method here:
-origAppUse = app.use
-app.use = (middleware) ->
- @, wrapHandler middleware, true
-# and we monkey-patch the route and error methods here:
for verb in ['all', 'get', 'post', 'put', 'del', 'error']
do (verb) ->
origAppVerb = app[verb]

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