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CSS Buttons - an example of the power of CSS (and LESS!)
These buttons are quite interactive, and yet there's no JavaScript here!
- Moving your mouse into the "viewer" (black box) shows the button group.
- Moving your mouse over any button causes the entire group snap to 100%, and
the hovered button highlights.
- Pressing any button changes it to a pressed state.
- Moving your mouse out of the "viewer" fades the buttons out on browsers that
support CSS3 transitions (progressive enhancement).
All of this is only possible with smart selectors. These selectors would be
extremely tedious to write if it weren't for LESS <>!
- Inheritance becomes a breeze.
- Sprite logic becomes centralized and easy to update in one place.
- You can change themes in a snap by just changing some constants.
Sweet! This is just a simple and unfinished demo, but I hope it inspires you!
- Aseem Kishore <>