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An interactive chat application

The need

Hey there folks!!

How many times were you chatting and googling side by side? Or you were bored when your friend was taking too long to response?

Kibitz is the full stop to all those un-needed worries and waste of time!

The hack

Our hack is basically a chat service where you get the real-time feeds and images and all types of social media on a single page. We know that looks a bit confusing! :) hence we try to simplify things a bit.

This is what you will experience when you chat on Kibitz:

In the background you get the images about the content that you're chatting on!

On the right you get the news feeds and on the top you have wikipedia definitions of what you're chatting on!

On the left you get the videos about what you're chatting!

And all of this updates automatically after a specified time(say 10 seconds) and you can refresh everything at any time you want.

Hence, Overall its a web chatting application which is fully aware of the content and context of your chats.

How it works

Now, some information about the coding part of our hack: The central idea behind this hack is collecting the previous chat data of a few message transactions and extracting important keywords from it using Yahoo! APIs like YQL,BOSS search,Content Analyser and YUI.Using these keywords we are able to fetch the data required by our application.The chat plugin we used is a sql server based chat working with the help of PhP.

We use content analyzer for getting the most important terms in your chat then we get the news feeds through BOSS and other YQL search tables.We used the flickr api for getting the best images..

We think we have just redefined chatting which gives a unique new chatting experience!


This application needs PhP and MySQL to work. You need to create database manually.


  • Aseem Patn
  • Arkanath Pathak
  • Gaurav Sharma
  • Utpal Prasad