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scala-activerecord is an ORM library for Scala.

This library is inspired by ActiveRecord of Ruby on Rails. It is designed following the CoC(Convention over Configuration), DRY(Don't Repeat Yourself) principles.

Minimal example

Model implementation:

package models

import com.github.aselab.activerecord._
import com.github.aselab.activerecord.dsl._

case class Person(name: String, age: Int) extends ActiveRecord

object Person extends ActiveRecordCompanion[Person]

Schema definition:

package models

import com.github.aselab.activerecord._
import com.github.aselab.activerecord.dsl._

object Tables extends ActiveRecordTables {
  val people = table[Person]

ActiveRecord model usage:

import com.github.aselab.activerecord.dsl._
import models._
import scala.language.postfixOps

object App extends App {
  Person("person1", 25).save()
  Person("person2", 18).save()
  Person("person3", 40).save()
  Person("person4", 18).save()

  Person.findBy("name", "person1") //=> Some(Person("person1", 25))
  Person.findBy("age", 55) //=> None
  Person.findAllBy("age", 18).toList //=> List(Person("person2", 18), Person("person4", 18))
  Person.where(_.age.~ >= 20).orderBy(_.age desc).toList //=> List(Person("person3", 40), Person("person1", 25))

Schema and query DSL is based on Squeryl.


  • Auto connection management
  • Composable query operation
  • Callback
  • Validation
  • Association

Documents and other resources

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