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Hackintosh ASUS A455LF Notebook

Build Status Brand macOS Clover OpenCore

Running Single/Dual/Triple/Multi-Boot macOS and other OS's on ASUS A455LF-WX039D Series with Clover/OpenCore Legacy or UEFI

Clover Bootloader

macOS Monterey

How to Get it?

  • Open Terminal with Command : $ git clone
  • Or Download with Specific Folder Only
  • Then copy to EFI Partition USB Installer/HDD/SSD

Specs :

  • BIOS : v302 (2019/06/04) American Megatrends Inc,
  • Motherboard : X455L
  • Model Laptop/Notebook : Asus A455LF-WX039D Series
  • Processor : Intel Core i5-5200U (4) @ 2.2GHz up to 2.7Ghz Broadwell
  • Graphics : Intel HD Graphics 5500 + Nvidia Geforce 930M
  • RAM : 12 GB 1600 MHz DDR3L (Samsung)
  • SSD : Samsung 870 EVO 500GB (GUID Partition Table) Disk 0
  • HDD : HGST HTS545050A7E680 500GB (GUID Partition Table) with HDD Caddy on Disk 1
  • Audio : Conexant CX20751/2
  • Touchpad : FocalTech PS/2
  • Wifi + BT : Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565/AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter + AR3012 (Azurewave Tech) Replaced by Broadcom BCM4352/BCM94352HMB Wireless Network Adapter + BCM20702A0 (DW 1550)
  • Ethernet : Realtek RTL8111GU/8168GU/8411GU PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet
  • Others : USB3.0 + USB2.0 ports WebCam, ports HDMI/VGA, DVD ROM Matshita, Alcor Micro USB Card Reader, etc.

BIOS Configuration

Bios Config Setting
Security -> Secure Boot Disabled
Intel Virtualization Enabled OK / Disabled if you have issues
VT-d Disabled / Enabled OK or boot-args "dart=0" for older Clover
Graphics Configuration -> DVMT Pre-Allocation 64M / Default 32M (need pre-alloc patches in Device Properties section)
USB Configuration -> XHCI Pre-Boot Mode Enabled (XHC Only) / Smart Auto (XHC + EHC)
Boot -> Launch CSM Enabled or Disabled for Resolution Boot OC

What's Working?

  • QE/CI Intel HD Graphics 5500 with VRAM 4095 MB (Cosmetic), Nvidia Geforce 930M (Disable)
  • Audio Conexant CX20751/2 with layout-id 21 + Internal Microphone (SSDT-CX207512.aml + AppleALC.kext)
  • Display brightness PNLF and Fn Keys (Device PNLF taken from MacBook ACPI dump + ASUS DSDT Patches FN Keys + AsusSMC.kext)
  • Qualcomm Atheros AR9565 WiFi (HS80211Family.kext + AirPortAtheros40.kext) Broadcom BCM4352/BCM94352HMB WiFi (AirportBrcmFixup.kext + AirPortBrcmNIC_Injector.kext)
  • LAN Ethernet Realtek RTL8111GU/8168GU/8411GU (RealtekRTL8111.kext)
  • Bluetooth AR3012 (Ath3kBT.kext + Ath3kBTInjector.kext) Bluetooth BCM20702A0 DW1550 (BrcmFirmwareData.kext + BrcmPatchRAM3.kext + BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext)
  • FocalTech TouchPad PS/2 (ApplePS2SmartTouchpad.kext)
  • Battery Indicator (DSDT RehabMan Battery Laptop Patch for ASUS + SMCBatteryManager.kext)
  • Airdrop + Handoff + Continuity fully supported to Big Sur (Set to true "ExtendBTFeatureFlags" Quirks section in config.plist Clover/OC)
  • TRIM support (Set to true "ThirdPartyDrives" Quirks section in config.plist Clover/OC)
  • USB2.0 Ports + USB3.0 Ports + Power/Speed (Disable XhciPortLimit + USBMap.kext/SSDT-UIAC.aml)
  • Native Power Management CPU (Combination from Pike R. Alpha and ssdt_data PMheart + CPUFriend.kext + CPUFriendDataProvider.kext)
  • WebCam OOB
  • HDMI, Etc.

Not Working?

  • Nvidia Geforce 930M (Optimus Tech) not supported by hackintosh.


  • in Monterey only one side, Airdrop/Handoff/Continuity from Hackintosh to iPhone doesn't work, but iPhone to Hackintosh is work, because Apple has been actively working on the Bluetooth stack (bluetoothd) in macOS Monterey, see issues.
  • This laptop just have single antenna connector, lol. For pairing bluetooth in chipset DW1550 need dual antenna connectors, so maybe work sometimes not work.
  • Sidecar won't showing in System Preferences since this patch.

Not Tested?

  • Sidecar
  • Universal Control
  • Card Reader


  1. Don't use my patch DSDT.aml & SSDT.aml if you have different ACPI Tables / BIOS Version & Model / Freq CPU PM.
  2. Don't install Monterey if you have chipset Atheros, because Apple fully dropped for Atheros on Monterey. Just install Big Sur and replace the kexts (AirportBrcm*.kext + Brcm*.kext) -> (HS80211Family.kext + Ath3kBT.kext) take it from here.
  3. I haven't idea for battery when using OC, because so many rename methods in device EC0/BAT0, when rename method battery and landing to SSDT-BATT.aml, the indicator only show to 1%.
  4. Config OC for Catalina and older, set (MinDate = -1) & (MinVersion = -1) in 'UEFI' -> 'APFS' section, and take from the release page.

Set config OC Catalina and older

  1. For 10.11-11 you need BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext, for 12 (Monterey) you need BluetoolFixup.kext, choose one and not both.
  2. You need regenerate serial number for your mac, use Clover/OC Configurator or macserial from OC.
  3. And many more apps.

Special Thanks and Credits to :