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This repository was created only for historical purposes, new versions of Aseprite will not use the Allegro library
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This is a modified version of Allegro library (branch 4.4) specially patched for old versions of Aseprite by David Capello.


  • Mouse driver for Windows was modified to use WM_MOUSEMOVE instead of DirectInput (like in Allegro 5).
  • Keyboard driver for Windows was modified to use WM_KEYDOWN/UP messages instead of DirectInput (like in Allegro 5).
  • Added resize support for Windows, X11, and Mac OS X ports.
  • Removed code and functions that are not used (Allegro GUI, audio, MIDI, joystick, etc.).
  • The HWND class has CS_DBLCLKS enabled (so UI code can detect double-clicks from Windows messages).
  • Fixed issues recreating DirectX surfaces
  • Fixed OS X mouse issues
  • Support for x64
  • Several other changes
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