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API Changes

We will try minimize API changes between versions and keep backward compatibility, but if a function in the API was introduced with a bug, it's probable that its behavior will change in the next Aseprite release.

Deprecated should be avoided because might be removed in future versions of Aseprite.

Detect available API

You can use app.apiVersion:

if app.apiVersion == nil then
  -- First scripting API available
  app.alert("This is Aseprite v1.2.10-beta1 or v1.2.10-beta2")
elseif app.apiVersion == 1 then
  -- Second revision of the scripting API
  app.alert("This is Aseprite v1.2.10-beta3")
  -- Future versions will be 2, 3, etc.

From v1.2.10-beta3 to v1.2.10-beta4

From v1.2.10-beta2 to v1.2.10-beta3

v1.2.10-beta1 and v1.2.10-beta2

  • app
    • app.apiVersion didn't exist (is nil)