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Moves the selection boundaries or its content (pixels).

app.command.MoveMask {
  target='boundaries' | 'content',
  direction='left' | 'right' | 'up' | 'down',
  • target (string): must be
    • 'boundaries' to modify selection boundaries onlyor
    • 'content' to modify the selection content (active cel pixels)
  • wrap: true or false, when true it does the Edit > Shift effect, were pixels from one side in will appear from the other side (so the content is shifted and pixels wrapped, so the selection boundaries is not moved at all, only pixels inside it)
  • direction (string): the selection will be moved to a specific direction:
    • 'left'
    • 'right'
    • 'up'
    • 'down'
  • units (string): must be one of these options (generally pixel is enough for scripts, and other options are just for UI):
    • 'pixel'
    • 'tile-width'
    • 'tile-height'
    • 'zoomed-pixel'
    • 'zoomed-tile-width'
    • 'zoomed-tile-height'
    • 'viewport-width'
    • 'viewport-height'
  • quantity: the number of pixels, or tile-widths, etc. to move the selection to the given direction depending on the units
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