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There are several features that can be improved, need some tweaks, or need a complete re-design to reach a professional level for full-time pixel artists. These recommendations are thanks to cyangmou + some old notes/to-do items.

  • Pencil tool: Shift key to start drawing a line from the last point with preview. Dev note: Shift key should start a Line tool ToolLoop, then releasing Shift cancels the loop or releasing mouse button finishes the loop successfully. (Related, fix bug #1005)
  • Pencil tool: Ctrl+Shift (or other combination)
  • New color picker (issues) with RGB/HSB at the same time.
  • Contour tool: Shift key should start a straight line and releasing Shift should continue the regular freehand mode.
  • New brushes manager (#175) with preset brushes and patterns. Possibility to Import/Export brushes. Import GG brushes (1bpp bmps). Fix bug #1261. Brushes should be in extensions (#1403)
  • Rectangle/ellipse aspect ratio on status bar
  • Fill selection content changing FG color or other recolor technique. There are plans to recolor an RGB sprite as an Indexed image (all layers/all frames) which might be related to this new feature.
  • Alternative mode to create planned rectangle/ellipse shapes before the final fill/stroke. (Ref 1, Ref 2, Ref 3)
  • Fix rotated squared brushes. We need a new specific algorithm to create these brushes.
  • Fix bug #245 and #728, continuous stroke of diagonal brushes is broken
  • The whole UI should be accessible through keyboard shortcuts. E.g. show a popup, execute a command in a popup menu, change a value in the context bar etc. This is something I thought before and it's related to macros #475, as a macro could contain the execute of any UI element, these elements should generate recordable commands (same commands that could be triggered with keyboard shortcuts).

More to read here: https://twitter.com/cyangmou/status/818881183283023872 (Aseprite_1_1_13_Review.pdf)

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