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What do you need to do? Gradient tool. How would you like to do it? As phototoshop or other image editing programs.

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Pattern Fill #479

ariutti commented Oct 26, 2014

It would be great to realize gradients like those seen in old videogame, that used a dither like the one in the image (taken from a LucasArts' Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis screenshot):

The DeluxePaint way I mean...

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Dithering facilities #584

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elvisish commented Dec 9, 2015

Absolutely would love gradient dithering like Dpaint, this would really put Aseprite at the top of the chain in terms of pixel art tools.

I second this feature request...

I'd love to see this too

Can we have an ETA on this majorly essential feature? Been flipping back and forth between ProMotion just to get things done :/

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dacap commented May 30, 2016

@elvisish hi there! I'll try to add this feature in v1.2 (maybe first beta), in a couple of weeks

@dacap Thankyou!!

@dacap are we close to seeing a beta? :D


dacap commented Jun 13, 2016

@elvisish ^_^ I'm working on layer groups actually (quite hard to refactor the code); I'll try to work on this feature in parallel so we can get both features in the first v1.2-beta1 ;)

@dacap yay! :D

@dacap will this be in a version soon? I hope to use aseprite for a project soon and would love to be able to do all my gradients in one place 😊

Tekuzo commented Dec 1, 2016

@elvisish I am in the same boat as you, I would really love this feature

Bump? @dacap ? Any ideas when it might be implemented?


dacap commented Feb 16, 2017

@elvisish thanks for the reminder 😅 I hope this will be available for v1.2 (which will be the next release, no more v1.1)

@dacap YAY! 👍 Is it expected within the next month, week, etc?

@dacap Did it not make it to 1.2?


dacap commented Apr 20, 2017

@elvisish 😢 not yet (I moved several issues to the next beta just to avoid delaying v1.2-beta8 more)

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dacap commented May 4, 2017

The first commit for this feature will include raw gradients (no dither methods yet, that in a second commit)

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Extensions (aka plugins, addons, packages) #1403

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