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From on December 19, 2011 08:32:55

What do you need to do? The current grid color is a bit too intrusive.
The user should be allowed to change that color as well change its transparency. How would you like to do it? Add a sub menu under grid settings allowing the user to change the color and transparency of the grid.

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From davidcapello on December 19, 2011 04:51:51

Hi! You can change the grid color from "Edit > Options" menu, and then change the "Grid Color" field. Anyway you cannot specify the transparency of the grid.

I think that, as you didn't find this option, maybe it should be located in the same "Grid Settings" dialog when we press the "Set Grid" button (which right now it acts more like "Set Grid Bounds" only).

I'll leave this issue open as "Grid settings improvements".

  1. Add "Grid opacity" value.
  2. Add grid color/opacity fields into "Grid Settings" dialog.
  3. Split the "Set Grid" button into two: Grid to Selection & Grid Settings

Summary: Grid settings improvements
Status: Accepted

From on November 29, 2013 22:59:48

I've got a working Grid Color/opacity setting in the "Grid Settings" dialog, but actually implementing grid opacity is a whole other ball of wax.

Currently, the grid drawing code uses a function in app/color_utils.h which relies on some allegro specific code. In the get_color_for_allegro() function an alpha(opacity) value of 255 is hard coded.

I've gotten the color and opacity settings added, and even a beginning to pass an opacity to the function that draws the grid. However, due to allegro being... allegro, it's not as simple as passing an RGBA color and letting nature take its course.

I'd forgotten how weird allegro was, and have no clue how to coax alpha transparency out of it. Tried throwing set_alpha_blender() in there, but I've got a bad feeling that the primitive drawing functions simply ignore all that anyway.

Changes are at DocHoncho/aseprite@7ca4387 No pull request for this at this time. Issue requires more review.

Status: Started
Cc: davidcapello

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