Symmetry axis handles disappear as you zoom in #873

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ghost commented Nov 24, 2015

A possible solution is to stick them to viewport borders.

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TheKK commented Dec 5, 2015

Hi, @jpnk
Could you help me checking if this problem still exist? If so, could you please describe how to reproduce. Thanks :)


dacap commented Dec 5, 2015

Hi @TheKK, the problem is still present in master branch. Symmetry handles are not visible when the sprite is bigger than the viewport (e.g. you zoom in). A possible solution as @jpnk said is to keep symmetry handles in the viewport boundaries. (It shouldn't be so hard to fix this issue modifying StandbyState::Decorator::getSymmetryHandles.)


TheKK commented Dec 6, 2015

I gave this a try. The logical part is quite simple (2537b76), but unexpected behaviour from app::Editor::setEditorScroll stuck with me.


This is what we'll get If we do scrolling via app::Editor::setEditorScroll with argument blitValidRegion as true (I guess this is for performance optimization). Since I'm still not familiar with the architecture and design of aseprite, I think I'll need your advice to solve this, @dacap.

Btw, this glitch happened if we scroll by:

  • Drag with mouse middle button
  • Hand tool
  • Space + ArrayKey shortcut

not happened by:

  • drag the scroll bars of editor view (because it call ui::View::setViewScroll directly)

dacap commented Dec 7, 2015

@TheKK the issue is tricky. I was testing and the problem is that symmetry handles move along the scroll (their position changes when the scroll changes). It's a situation that isn't found in other Editor's states. I was trying to fix this problem but I'll need more time.


dacap commented Dec 7, 2015

@TheKK now you can create a PR to fix this issue, the commit 562106c fix the scroll issue

TheKK was assigned by dacap Dec 7, 2015


TheKK commented Dec 8, 2015

Thanks for your help, @dacap. I'll take a look inside your commit and see what's going on exactly.

dacap closed this in #891 Dec 8, 2015

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