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What do you need to do? When a new frame is created, the contents of the current frame are always copied to the new frame. I would like the ability to choose which layers are copied and which are not. How would you like to do it? I propose a checkbox in layer properties called "Persistent" or similar. When checked, that layer would be copied to the new frame, and when unchecked it would be drawn transparent on the new frame.

Example: I have a background layer that is checked "Persistent", and a sprite layer that is not. I draw my background on the background layer. I draw an animation frame of my sprite on the sprite layer. When I press "alt+n" a new frame will be created with the background layer copied, but a blank "sprite" layer.

"Persistence" would only affect new frame creation. So I could then edit the background layer on frame 1 without changing frame 2, or edit the background layer on frame 2 without changing frame 1.

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The Frame > New Empty Frame (Alt+B) menu option partially fix this issue. Anyway I don't know if this option could be easily integrated without adding more UI complexity now that a new concept of continuous layers (linked cels) is being implemented:


I opened this issue and I consider the planned continuous cels/new empty frame solutions for it. It can be marked closed if no other users are subscribed to this to voice their want of this exact implementation. No one else had starred the old one on google code.


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