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Vim plugin for TODO lists
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vim-todo-lists is a Vim plugin for TODO lists management.


Install vim-todo-lists

$ cd ~/.vim/bundle $ git clone
NeoBundle 'aserebryakov/vim-todo-lists'
Without plugin manager

Clone or download this repository and copy its contents to your ~/.vim/ directory.


Plugin is automatically applied for files with .todo extension.

TODO Items

The sequence matching the expression ^\s\*- [ ].\* marks a line as a TODO list item.

- [ ] Not done
- [X] Done
Items Hierarchy

If one item has lesser indentation than the next one then the first one is meant to be parent and the second to be child.

- [ ] Parent
  - [ ] Child1
  - [ ] Child2
  • Changing state of the parent item changes the state of all children items accordantly
  • If all children items are marked done, parent will also be marked as done
  • If parent is marked as done and one of the children changes state to not done parent will also be marked as not done
Items Highlighting

Items are highlighted in accordance to the following scheme:

- [ ] ! Important item (Underlined)
- [ ] Normal item (Normal)
- [X] Done item (Comment)
Items moving on state change

By default item when its status is changed is moved in the list in accordance to the following rules

Mark item done

Item marked as done is moved to the end of all done items list. If done list doesn't exist, item is placed just after the last not done item.


- [ ] Not Done 1
- [ ] Will be done now
- [ ] Not Done 2
- [X] Done


- [ ] Not Done 1
- [ ] Not Done 2
- [X] Done
- [X] Will be done now
Mark item undone

Undone item is moved to the end of all not done items list. If all items are marked done, the items is moved before the first done item.


- [ ] Not Done 1
- [ ] Not Done 2
- [X] Done
- [X] Will be undone now


- [ ] Not Done 1
- [ ] Not Done 2
- [ ] Will be done now
- [X] Done
Interaction with items hierarchy

This feature also affect the items in hierarchy in accordance to the rules above.

Disable the items moving

If you don't want items to be moved after state change, you may add the following line into your .vimrc file:

let g:VimTodoListsMoveItems = 0
  • :VimTodoListsCreateNewItemAbove - creates a new item in a line above cursor
  • :VimTodoListsCreateNewItemBelow - creates a new item in a line below cursor
  • :VimTodoListsCreateNewItem - creates a new item in current line
  • :VimTodoListsGoToNextItem - go to the next item
  • :VimTodoListsGoToPreviousItem - go to the previous item
  • :VimTodoListsToggleItem - toggles the current item (or selected items in visual mode)
  • :VimTodoListsIncreaseIndent - increases the indent of current line
  • :VimTodoListsDecreaseIndent - decreases the indent of current line
Default key mappings
Item editing mode
  • j - go to next item
  • k - go to previous item
  • o - create new item above the cursor
  • O - create new item below the cursor
  • <Space> - toggle current item
  • <CR> - create new item in insert mode
  • <Tab> - increases the indent of current (or selected) line(s)
  • <Shift-Tab> - decreases the indent of current (or selected) line(s)
  • <leader>e - switch to normal editing mode
Normal editing mode
  • j, k, o, O, <CR> - no special behavior
  • <Space> - toggle current item
  • <leader>e - switch to item editing mode
Custom key mappings

The g:VimTodoListsCustomKeyMapper variable should contain a name of the function implementing custom mappings.

let g:VimTodoListsCustomKeyMapper = 'VimTodoListsCustomMappings'

function! VimTodoListsCustomMappings()
  nnoremap <buffer> s :VimTodoListsToggleItem<CR>
  nnoremap <buffer> <Space> :VimTodoListsToggleItem<CR>
  noremap <buffer> <leader>e :silent call VimTodoListsSetItemMode()<CR>
Automatic date insertion

Automatic date insertion may be enabled by setting the following in .vimrc:

let g:VimTodoListsDatesEnabled = 1

Date format may be changed by setting the format variable to a valid strftime() string:

let g:VimTodoListsDatesFormat = "%a %b, %Y"

Future features

  • TODO lists folder selection
  • Create new TODO list
  • Archive current TODO list in the folder
  • Show archived lists
  • Open list from archive


Source code and issues are hosted on GitHub:


MIT License



  • Easy navigation in TODO list
  • Easy adding new items
  • Easy items toggling


  • Fixes broken compatibility with the filestyle plugin


  • Added an option to configure custom key mappings


  • Added items toggling in visual mode
  • Improves work with indentations of list items
  • Fixed the error when trying to navigate the buffer that doesn't contain items


  • Added items hierarchy support


  • Added items highlighting


  • Fixed the annoying noise when navigating over items in default mode
  • Fixed the cursor position after the item is toggled


  • Added items moving on state change


  • Added automatic date insertion feature
  • Added mappings for fast increasing/decreasing indent
  • Items list are made markdown compatible (old files are updated automatically on load)


  • Syntax highlight is fixed


  • Alexander Serebryakov, author (GitHub)
  • Jake Mason, automatic date insertion (GitHub)
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