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ALiAS: Amity Linux Assistance Sapience

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  • The following repository contains the source code for the official website of Amity Linux Assistance Sapience. The largest open-source community of Amity University in Noida and now also in Lucknow.
  • The website is hosted on gh-pages itself.
  • This Website uses Staticjinja to build top-level HTML files. Follow Instructions to modify the HTML files.

Contribute to the Website

  • Feel free to open an issue or recommend any changes which you want to see on the website.
  • Adhere to the guidelines mentioned below if you want to contribute.
  • Before contributing, be sure to check out the official wiki

Contribute to our blog: ALiAS Writes!

ALiAS has its own blog now, ALiAS Writes. If you like your contributions to be more content-centric than technical, we would love to see your blogs on ALiAS Writes. Read more about How to Contribute here.


  • Make sure your PR contains one logical change only!
  • In case there are multiple commits in your PR squash them into one. Ref :
  • Make sure you update your REMOTE ORIGIN in case you have forked this repo :
  • Once you update the forked repo make sure you rebase the changes and then open the PR.
  • Ref:
  • Upload Screenshot(s) or provide a link to the working demo of the website while making a PR.


A big thanks to all the generous contributions both offline and online by our members, who are behind the magic of everything that ALiAS does. Head over to the Contributors section to get the full list of these people.


The source code is under MIT license.

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